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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (1996)

The internationally-renowned fashion designer, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, has graced the catwalks of the world with her colourful designs and striking forms. Her exclusive stores are located in major cities like Madrid, Milan, Paris and New York.

Jordi Labanda (2001)

The fashion and advertising illustrator, Jordi Labanda, is a world-renowned artist with a distinctive style. He has collaborated with Spanish and international publications such as the La Vanguardia Magazine, Wallpaper, The NY Times and Vogue USA and Japan, among many others.

Anekke (2017)

Anekke shows the way in the world of "vintage" fashion. They know women, their habits and preferences, their way of understanding life and their busy daily rhythm ... Each season, they create new functional articles adapted to each personality, imprinting on each one the style that characterizes them. Experience, quality and simplicity are the keys that have led Anekke to be a reference.

Miss Borderlike (2019)

Miss Borderlike, the fun brand that brings that pinch of humor and sarcasm that we all need for everyday. 

Pucca (2020)

Do you know Pucca? The Asian superhero is back with a lot strength and eager to express everything she thinks. Pucca is curious and strong, but also sweet and joking. Pucca it's pure intensity! And Garu, his platonic love, knows it very well.

Happy Letters (2020)

Graphic designer, passionate about typography. With time and dedication, she managed to turn that passion into a profession and dedicate her days to drawing letters. Happy Letters was born in 2014, and since then it has not stopped learning and improving with each of the projects that have emerged.

T-Diary (2020)

Ecoalf (2021)

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