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Notebooks manufactured in our facilities in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) with loving care and using a handmade process. These are the star products of MIQUELRIUS, designed to make writing easier. Maximum quality, using the best materials and with the FSC Mix Credit certification. Because of our passion for paper, our notebooks are unique.


Which kind of notebook do you need?

Notebooks The Original
  • Notebook 1 Colour (80 sheets of 1 colour). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 2 Colours (120 sheets of 2 colours). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 3 Colours (90 sheets of 3 colours). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 4 Colours (available in 140 and 160 sheets of 4 colours). Polypropylene and graphite covers.
  • Notebook 6 Colours (150 sheets of 6 colours). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 8 Colours (200 sheets of 8 colours). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 10 Colours (200 sheets of 10 colours). Polypropylene covers.

Notebooks Emotions
  • Notebook 1 Colour (80 sheets of 1 colour). Cardboard and polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 5 Colours (120 sheets of 5 colours). Cardboard and polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook 8 Colours (160 sheets of 8 colours). Polypropylene covers.

Notebooks Design

Unique interiors designed for professional projects. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Project Journal: 3 different ruling in one single notebook, perfect for notes, drawings and designs. 105 sheets (35 per colours and ruling).
  • Evolution Professional: the ideal notebook for your business meetings. Elastic band, flexible covers and pocket folder for small documents. 120 sheets: 100 squared (2 colours) + 20 plain for drawings or designs.
  • Notebook 4 Colours (140 sheets, 35 per colour)
  • Notebook 6 Colours (150 sheets, 25 per colour)
  • Notebook 8 Colours (200 sheets, 25 per colour)

Because we are aware of the importance of taking care of the environment; our range of recycled notebooks will help you make a better world. With 80 g / m2 paper 100% recycled (recovered post-consumer), ecological coating spiral and the Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel and FSC Mix Credit certificates.

Notebooks Eco
  • Notebook Eco Emotions 1 Colour (80 sheets of 1 colour). Recycled plain cardboard covers.
  • Notebook Eco Design 1 y 4 Colours (available in 80 and 120 sheets of 1 and 4 colours). Recycled printed cardboard covers.
  • Notebook Eco Basic 4 Colours (120 sheets of 4 colours). Recycled plain cardboard and polypropylene covers.

Escribir es una de las primeras cosas que aprendemos desde bien pequeñitos, por ello elegir el papel y el rayado más adecuado a nuestras necesidades será vital para desarrollar una buena caligrafía. Para ayudarte en el aprendizaje de la escritura disponemos de cuadernos con cuadros de 4 mm con margen (ideales para todas las asignaturas) y de diferentes pautas que van desde la doble línea de 2,5 mm a los 8mm que ayudan a limitar el espacio de escritura y mejorar la caligrafía.

4x4 Notebooks
  • Notebook Messages (80 sheets with margin). Polypropylene covers.
  • Notebook Phrases (80 sheets with margin). Covers of extra rigid cardboard.
  • Notebook Lifestyle (80 sheets with margin). Covers of rigid cardboard.

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MIQUELRIUS thinks of you

Since we began designing and manufacturing our notebooks in 1839, we have committed ourselves to offer the best quality. We understand that you like to have unique products made by hand.

For us, the most important thing is that you enjoy each notebook and reflect in it all your dreams, dreams and goals. Therefore, you will find a wide range of models so you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for at any time.

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