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Let's Organize to Come Back to School

9 January 2018

After the Christmas Holidays, the gifts and the family dinners, it's time to go back to school and start projects and exams. To make it more enjoyable, we encourage you to reorganize your school supplies with a multiholdall.


What is a Multiholdall?

A multiholdall is a full equipped pencil case.
Comes with side handle for carrying in a more comfortable way.
Inside divided into 4 mini holdalls (identified by colors) to organize the writing tools according to your needs. Each of them incorporates velcro so that you can reorganize them and even extract and take them in the
backpack separately.
Contains 31 pieces of high quality Stabilo school supplies distributed in the 4 mini holdalls: 1 graphite pencil with rubber, 1 rubber, 1 ruler of 15 cm, 1 pencil sharpener, 2 fluorine markers, 10 markers and 12 colored pencils.


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