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5 Must to Travel

1 December 2017

The most important bank holiday of the year is just around the corner. To enjoy a few days of relax and recharge batteries until the end of the year, here are our 5 essentials that can not be missed in your suitcase.


Safe and sound

When making a trip, especially if it is several weeks and hundreds of miles way from home, our identity document will become our most precious treasure. Therefore, try to take it always by hand but at the same time well protected from any unforeseen event (rain, wind, theft or distractions).

Photo: Passport Case - Watercolour Collection


1 euro 

Even we don't like to admit it, without money we are nobody. And, even though we bring our credit card, it will not always get us out of trouble. A bottle of water in the vending machine, a simple bus ticket, a souvenir magnet ... 1 simple euro or a few coins can be very useful at any given time, so try to take something loose with you "just in case".

Photo: Purse with Keyring - Watercolour Collection



Even we travel by train, plane or bus our luggage can disappear at any time. To avoid a bad situation, it is advisable to take all the suitcases well identified with our personal data and, if above, we add a tie or a distinctive touch, it will be easier to have it located at all times.

Photo: Luggage Label - Watercolour Collection


All in one

There is nothing more practical than carrying all the documentation of our trip in one place. Passport, identity document, maps, reservations, itineraries, tickets ... Avoid having thousand of papers in the bag without any kind of order. Get a portfolio with compartments and organize according to your needs. You will win time and comfort, especially if you are in a hurry;)

Photo: Travel Wallet - Watercolour Collection



A long trip can become endless if we do not have a little distraction. When making your suitcase, do not forget to add a book or a laptop full of movies and series. You can also take advantage to practice some other hobby, such as writing or poetry; they say that inspiration comes in the most unexpected places ...

Photo: Holdall Case - Watercolour Collection

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1 December 2017
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