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Getting Ready for Back to School

4 September 2017

The holidays are over and, so the good weather and the mornings sunbathing at sun. To help you motivate to go back to school, here are some helpful tricks. 

Adapt schedules

Getting back to the early age brings about a major change in our biological clock and can alter our mood. Attempting to minimize the contrasts will help us take better moods day by day, that is why, 2 or 3 days before returning is recommended to put the alarm clock a few hours earlier than we were used to during the holidays. Little by little, our body will get back to the schedules and the early mornings will be more bearable.



Refresh your memory

After more than 2 months without going to class, you have to retrain the kids. Despite having done summer homework, it is important that they pick up the pace again and refresh the most relevant concepts they will need in the next course. With half an hour a day is more than enough to disconnect and concentrate on reviewing a couple of subjects. In addition if you sit with them and answer their doubts, you will motivate them to start classes with more desire.


Find the right backpack

Depending on the age and weight of books and school supplies that each child has to carry, you will need a backpack or another.

In primary school, it is advisable that they carry a backpack with triple compartment (to store more books, notebooks and cases and have it organized by pockets) and with trolley (so that the weight does not affect them in the back). From high school, opting for a double compartment backpack can be more than enough (one for books and notebooks and the other for the case and sandwich and water).


Plan and organize as a family

A good organization is vital these first few days. A family calendar can become our best ally so that all the tasks, plans and appointments of each family member are well reflected. With colors and stickers, it will be easier to identify the most relevant issues.


With these 4 tips, we wish you a Happy Back to School!

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