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Learn How to Write in Every Notebook

19 July 2017

Writing is one of the first things we learn from a very young age, so choosing the most appropriate ruling to our needs will be vital for developing good calligraphy.

Below you will find the typologies we offer to help you with your writing.



- Squared: 4 mm squares with margin, ideal for all subjects

- Guideline: double line of 2.5 mm, to limit the space of writing and help you in the development of calligraphy

- Millimeter: for mathematics, physics or geography use a millimeter ruling that will allow you to create graphs accurately

- Plain: for arts, technical drawing or even for sketches, choose it for any subject



Academic and Professional

- Squared 5 mm: the most versatile ruling for day to day in class or in the office. The notebooks that feature this ruling stand out for:

-Extra opaque white paper from 70 to 90 g / m2 with a perfect softness for writing
-Micro-perforated pages for easy detachment
-Hole-punched for filing
-Spiral with coilock system, so the notebook can be opened flat and make a 180 degree turn.
-Colored subsections to organize by subjects or projects
   - 1 color
  - 4 colors
  - 6 colors
  - 8 colors
-Header for titles.

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