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Get ready for final exams

25 May 2017

The test time is coming and all the nerves of the year suddenly appear.
Will I pass all of them? Will I get the necessary to study the career I want?
A good organization is key to being able to achieve the results we expect, so pay attention to our 4 key tips.


1. Plan

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Get a good desktop planning and organize the previous weeks. Experts recommend studying between 1 and 2 hours a day after school to assimilate all concepts. Adapt the hours of study to your daily rhythm and manage to squeeze the time for you to reach the maximum. If you spend the maximum effort during the week, on Saturdays and Sundays you can dedicate them to your favorite hobbies and your mind will be more rested.


2. Outline

Photo: Evolution Presentation Notebook

One of the best techniques of study to internalize all the learned concepts is to realize schemes. Exposing knowledge in a visual way is much more attractive and easier to assimilate, so read the syllabus a couple of times (one to understand and another to underline the most relevant items), divide the content by subject and begin to draw the outline with circles, rectangles and arrows. Organizing, ordering and giving consistency to the content will be a great help.


3. Prioritize

Photo: Evolution Memory Notebook

Do not be frightened by the pile of subjects and prioritize. Once you have prepared your schemes, you will get a clear idea of ​​the most important parts or concepts that cost you the most. Use notes or sticky notes and point out those pages where you need to review, a small legend of colors will ease the organization.


4. Highlight

Photo: Evolution Academic Notebook

Finally, within each topic there are always important definitions that can not be forgotten. Choose small removable sticky icons, which together with an underline will be key to highlight the text. If they are removable you can also use them for other purposes and mark concepts by theme.

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