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5 tips to organize your desk

18 April 2017

Do you feel surrounded by mountains of papers, you don’t find what you’re looking for and you have the feeling that chaos has conquer your desktop?

Is that is your case, you better have a look to our next tips.


  1. Empty your desktop

    First of all, in order to be able to see clearly the options you can give to your desk, make 2 piles. In the first one put everything you’re going to throw away, that is, things you no longer use, or are not practical. In the second one, stack the rest, the objects that will later be replaced and that have a special value for you.


  1. Redistribute

    Before you start placing things back on the desk, take a minute to think about and don’t be tempted to put them where they were. Think of the new space you have and locate the objects as you find them more comfortable to use; that way you’ll save time when you work and you’ll be much more productive.


  1. Keep an order

    When you have finished placing the last object on the table, memorize where everything is. From now on, that order will be the one established and you shouldn’t allow chaos to take over it. If everything is in place, your mind will appreciate it and at the time of working your ideas will flow more spontaneously and orderly.


  1. Get a diary and a desktop organizer

    Having a good diary and a desktop organizer will be a great help in this process. The diary, so you can write down your plans and meetings and the organizer to note your tasks. In addition, in the organizer you can also write the goals of each day, prepare task lists or plan the hours.


  1. Give it a personal touch

Last but not least, give your desk a personal touch to make you feel comfortable every time you sit in front of it. Depending on your taste and your way of being choose a colour (so that everything breathes harmony and you’re easier to concentrate) or bend over a mix of vivid colours (to encourage creativity and make work more enjoyable).

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