Collections: School Backpacks

Collections: School Supplies for Back to School.
Backpacks, Pencil cases and Notebooks to go to class.

Our collections Back to School are designed so you can choose the best accessories to suit you and your daily life.

Early Childhood Education

Small backpacks with the ideal size to go to kindergarten. With enough capacity to carry the daily objects: breakfast, dressing gown, diary... Adjustable handles, padded for comfort and transparent compartment for the name on the back. Flat cases to store pencils, colours, waxes, markers, notebooks and basic folders for the first drawings.

Primary Education

Funny and fancy prints for children up to 12 years old. All the necessary accessories to make going to school more comfortable. Backpacks with triple compartment to store all books and school supplies, and suitable to be attached to trolley. Triple pencil cases and organizers with great capacity and perfect to order all the tools in one place. Notebooks, Rings Folders with Pad and Flap Folders and Dividers Folders to help you file all the subjects.

Secondary Education

Geometric and trendy patterns for teenagers looking for more subtle options. Backpacks with double compartment, one for books and notebooks and another for the pencil case and wallet. Mini and double pencil cases for the essential supplies (pens and highlighters), notebooks with coloured bands and ring binders to file.

Higher Education

Premium collections for high school and higher education students looking for chic accessories and lightweight supplies to carry in their purses. Backpacks with inner compartment for PC or tablet, mini oval pencil cases for pens and glasses, tablet covers, cloth bag to carry notes, notebooks, folders, pens and highlighters.

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Since we started designing and manufacturing school products, we have committed ourselves to offer the best quality with innovative and fun designs. We understand that you like to have original elements, that make you stand out from among others, and that they offer you all the comfort you need to go to class. For us, the most important thing is your satisfaction and our backpacks and cases are available in a wide range of models so you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for. In addition, besides our own collections, we offer you the designs of:

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