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Leather Collection, the Most Authentic Notebooks

20 June 2016

Whether it is for the day by day, to have it in the office or for going traveling, a leather notebook is always a good ally. Its soft feel and its smell of leather give it an air of distinction that make it a unique notebook.

Possibly you're already thinking about your holidays and traveling around the world or, maybe you're already enjoying a sunny morning at a beach bar in the Caribbean. Whatever your situation is, we encourage you to write that story that you always thought but never had the time; or to record the memories of a journey you have been preparing throughout the year.

A leather notebook can be a good choice. Thanks to its flexibility and strength, it is designed to withstand any hustle you plan on giving. And you have it available in 2 sizes in A format (152 x 210 mm) and a slightly smaller format in B (104 x 150 mm); so you do not have to worry about if it does not fit in the suitcase or in your backpack.

In addition, this year we have incorporated a new color, Red. So Black or Red, with adventurous spirit or soul free, leather notebooks are designed for you.

If you want to know all the features of our Leather Collection check out our video and dare to write! Who knows if this summer you will become the next writer of a bestseller;).

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